Milk Pump

Milk Pumps

At Global Engineers, the hygienic and cost-efficient design of the stainless steel centrifugal pump for milk makes it principally suitable as main process pump at milk production plants. Global Engineers provide high quality dairy milk pump.

This stainless steel centrifugal pump is frequently used as sanitary dairy milk pump in several milk processing applications. This food-grade milk pump on cart is a usual milk industry pump characterized by moderate transfer of milk products. Appreciations to its smooth pumping functions, this standard centrifugal pump is used as typical milk transfer pump. Global Engineers offers milk pumping systems characterized by well-organized pumping output act. This stainless steel pump for milk is designed for standing and moveable centrifugal milk pump with cart use in milk processing.

Milk Pumps facilitate milk transfer from the receiver to the milk reservoir. Milk transfer has to be instant and calm so that no bio-chemical alterations happen within the milk, altering the quality of the produce. Global Engineers offer a total range of centrifugal milk pumps, completely made of high-grade stainless steel and obtainable in several sizes and configurations to outfit any milking plant. Our milk pumps confirm gentle and smooth carrying without disturbing the milk from the receiver to the milk container. Global Engineers recommend combining them with our milk pump controller, which adjusts milk pump turning speed consistent with the actual requirements of the milking plant.