Dairy Tee

Dairy Tee

Stainless Steel Dairy Tee which are a part of our wide-ranging range of Dairy fittings, obtainable in superior quality Stainless Steel. Global Engineers Stainless Steel Dairy Tees fasten pipes and tubes in a dairy, used for media like milk, water, cleaning solutions, etc. We promise you that are SS 304 Dairy Tees are sanitized, non-toxic to use and pollution free, these tees are resilient to environmental corrosion. Our SS 316 Dairy 90° Tees are suitable to convey fluids through a right-angled bend allowing smooth flow. Whereas, our SS 316L Dairy 45° Tees are bacterial neutral, well enough to be used in carrying milk without mixing it with injurious pathogens.

About Dairy Tee

Erosion or say corrosion resistance: As stated earlier, corrosion resistance property of SS has always been the pushing factor. Even in severe conditions such as raised or restrained conditions of temperature, particularly formulated SS 304 and SS 316 materials offer excellent corrosion resistance, specifically to oxidation and sulfidation. Be it for homogenizer, decanter, heat-exchanger, procedure tanks and pasteurizer, SS has become the norm in the dairy manufacturing. Furthermore, all fittings, valves, fluid transfer systems, and instruments comprehensively use SS to pave way for non-corrosive operation.

Effortlessness of fabrication: When any material is selected, it is also essential to gauge some other factors such as industrial economics and fabrication viability. As it is a known fact that SS is recyclable material, engineering economics has always been with Stainless Steel. With a overabundance of options available for welding and fabrication, and easy availability of decent quality of welding wire, machining equipment, SS ranks very high in the reputation chart, emphasizes a believed stainless steel merchant.

Temperature resistance: Maybe this is what prompted the need of a distinct focus on new materials. But recognitions to massive advances in metallurgical industry and automation techniques, good quality SS with exceptional designs and manufacturing techniques exploded up and aided dairy engineering.

Flavour and colour retaining: As the chances of oxidation or other chemical reactions were removed by using SS, dairy industries were able to manage the flavour and colour of their products ranging from milk, butter, cheese, and curd. Recollect, in addition to product transparency, flavour and colour retention is very much significant in food and dairy manufacturing to stand the interest of customers.

Clean ability: A big plus point of SS is that it can be cleaned very simply. As unhygienic or dirty conditions can easily worsen the product quality, the dairy production never takes chance with cleanliness and therefore it is no surprise they chose SS.